Wedding Photography

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Cipriani Rusu
WELCOME TO Cipriany Photography, which is owned and run by photographer Cipriani Rusu, who offers years of experience. We are based at Chicago area, but we offer New York, Florida and California coverage.
At Cipriani Photography, we are not only experts in wedding photography, we are storytellers. With the utmost of quality and care taken in image-making, we work hand in hand with our clientele in creating cherished memories that will last forever.
Every single picture that we deliver is at the highest photographic level.
THE WAY I SEE THINGS… ”Sometimes clients ask me about my favorite shoot. I always tell people I like wedding photography . I always have. Since I was a child, I used to spend hours on our family’s albums. It was my own history, my own past. I still believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. On my father’s side we had the artists. My father painted and so did his father before him. At my grandfather’s house you’d find oils and canvases all around the place. My mother loved reading and I remember growing up, hiding under desks full of books and paintings. So naturally I never wrote, or read belletristic. I never drew… But I used our century’s technology to capture slices of life.”

Wedding Photography

Weddings … endless hours of planning go into them, and that’s why you need a good photographer to freeze frame those special moments for you. We will capture the spirit of the occasion from every angle, leaving you with a collection of stunning photographs that will tell your story for a life time.
Our artistic and candid approach seeks to embrace each heartfelt smile, every enchanting glance, and the unique human connection that spark, between you and your loved ones, guaranteeing you stunning bridal wedding photos that are brought to life.

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Wedding Photography

Cipriani Photography style of wedding photography is a combination between photo journalistic photograph and traditional. We offer pre-wedding consultations to make sure that we know how you like your wedding to be captured.

Wedding Photo Albums

Turn your treasured memories of your wedding, engagement day into a timeless keepsake with personalized photo books .

Wedding Photo booth

The Photo Booth we create, is not only a picture taking device, but also a form of entartaiment in itself. Let the guests take their own pictures and watch the party come alive.